College Shopping and Poop on the Floor

 I am trying with my whole being to embrace the lasts of everything with PS.  And daily I am reminded that time marches on.  We have been shopping for the new college kid…  We did IKEA 2x and no costumes, we went with her childhood bff and mom.  We laughed and we cried (okay the mom’s got teary) We tried out closets and organizers, we sat on chairs, and opened cupboards.  We were exhausted when we were done but it was fun!  It is always nice to have a shopping buddy  We have been to Bed Bath and Beyond 2x, add in Target, Home Goods, Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls, and more Target.  Some times I feel shopped out, it is emotional shopping for me, I love to shop, but I hate the reason we are shopping.  I think we have almost everything on her list.  (At least I hope we do) Her plan is to not go to Target on check in day.  She remembers what a hot-mess it was when we all went to Target, to get C’s last-minute stuff for his University.  And the Target closest to her campus is also the Target closest to an extremely large university who is also having drop off day on the same day.  She decided that I can run up alone if we forget anything.  I will probably need the break from watching her set up her room.  From trying not to cry, not to be in the way, and not offer too much advice.   We just have to figure out how to pack the stuff for her, and her clothes, and the family and their clothing…  Good thing O is a packing janga queen.

Yesterday PS wanted a bath, again, for the 3rd time.  She was taking off her clothes, and easily pulled down her shorts, she tucked her shirt under her chin to get them off.  How did she know to do that, how did her mind tell her to put her shirt tucked under her chin to see better?  I don’t think I have in my adult life tucked my shirt under my chin, so where did she learn that? Who taught her to do that?

Little Tiny humans are amazing, I am so thankful that I have a house full to enjoy.  Now if I can just figure out where that little poop ball beside the toilet came from…

Go hug you kids, and be amazed at the things they know and things they can do!



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