PB&J or Fancy Bento?

School is starting soon, I like to not think about it, but I realize I cannot stop it.  I also know some of my friends are starting their senior year for their child, I am sorry.

Since school is starting and the stores are all fresh crayon smelling, it inspires me to check out school ideas for my kids.  Mostly lunch ideas, so I have pinned about a million lunch ideas, most of the ideas seem to be the bento box ideas, healthy ideas, cute ideas, clever ideas variety.  You get the idea.  Lunch is important and a bit tricky, their lucky charms have worn off, they have PE and math coming up, they need something healthy, filling, and fast to hold them off until 3:30 when they raid the fridge.

I noticed a lot of hard-boiled eggs.  Do these clever people with their cute little lunches, not realize how smelly hard-boiled eggs are mid-day?  Have they never been in the lunch room and watched the poor child who had a broccoli garden in their lunch?  Do they REALLY think that the large rectangle container full of carrots will get eaten?  Will anyones child eat celery, cucumber, broccoli and an egg for lunch?  (and Yikes for that teacher the room is going to SMELL, and the kid is going to miss math class going to the bathroom)  How is that cute little bear face going to survive the trip in a lunch box shoved in a back pack along the bus ride, or carpool?  Have they not seen how the kids throw their backpacks?  That little cute bear face that was made with care, now looks like something from a child’s horror movie, not a cute little bear.

Or am I alone, am I the only one who if I made that, the containers would come back soggy and nasty?  I am positive that if I sent in a cute little box full of carrots, cucumber, celery and broccoli my kid would charge lunch and bring back a smelly lunch box.

I think for now we will stick to pb&j, I might mix it up a bit, I did see some ideas I will make, but for the love of my children I will not send in a container of raw broccoli, or a hard-boiled egg, I’ll stick to apple slices and bananas, I’ll stick to grapes and granola bars, I will try to get a little protein into them, I will not make a vegetable garden.

What does your kid eat in their lunch box?

Go hug your kids, school is starting, and they need the love from home as they go out in the wide world.