An Olive by any other name…

This last week it was a mom win meal night.  I was making nachos. What is not to like with nachos?  A whole meal piled on chips!

I had everything for the nachos except olives. The ground turkey was seasoned and simmering on the stove top, the beans were warming in the oven and the queso cheese bubbling away.  I had plump red tomatoes and a perfect avocado. (You all know how difficult it is to get a perfect one!  I had a perfect one.)  I realized I did not have black olives. So I sent Keith on a search for sliced black olives. He took the baby along with him. Now at this point I feel like I should say Keith is a very smart man, and he is quite skilled at many things, he goes to Publix, weekly for me but he does not like to go buy things that he normally does not buy. If it is new to him, he wants a specific name brand. So I gave him one. I even spelled it out to him.

They left and I proceeded to slice and dice.  Shortly after, he called a kid asking them about the olives. I spelled the name again. The kid repeated the message. I grumbled about how could he not find the can. Then as I was slicing the avocado with one of my new Christmas knives (thanks Kim) I took a huge slice in my thumb. Hilarity broke out as bandaids were searched then antibiotic cream while trying to clean and bandage my poor thumb with a heart beat, Keith called again. Then came a series of texts and pictures. As I stood being bandaged by R and C took away the sharp knife  I smartly said how can it be so hard?  I sighed at the time it took him, My sweet husband is ever so patient with me.  He texted me a picture asking if ‘these’ will work.  He could not find the brand I sent him for.  I was so wrong.  It was the brand I THOUGHT I sent him to get, only not at all what I actually told him, and S P E L L E D O U T F O R H I M…  img_5858I almost told him a red can but instead I told him a brand that does not exist in Olives…

When he came home  I apologized and hugged him. I showed him my bandage thumb and apologized for being so wrong and so confident.

Nachos for the win, non-existent black olives for the not win

What about you, ever been so confident and so wrong?
go hug your kids they need the love!


2 thoughts on “An Olive by any other name…

  1. Jen, I have been so overconfident and yet so wrong that I try really hard to be way less insistent when I am so sure inside that I am right. I find the afternath much easier to tolerate. *** One time we went to Pizza Hut and they accidentally put olives on our pizza. She took it away and all she did was pick them off because when we took one bite and made those feces when you bite into something you hate. We made them make new ones, that’s how much we hate olives. Since then Neal is ok with but I still can’t stand them. But we sure do love nachos. Denny’s are to die for! Did I ever tell you when we were there in 2002 that we went to Denny’s and I got nachos. When they came the round perfect ball of sour cream on top didn’t look as white as it should have. I tasted it and she had accidentally put mayonnaise on it instead of sour cream. I did however tell her she could just scoop it off and didn’t have to remake it. Do all your kids like olives? Do you? Keith?

  2. “feces” hahaha oh my. Supposed to be faces. Too funny!

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