The eyes do not lie.

It is official, I am old, I can continue to claim that I am 36, but in reality my eyes do not lie.  I have 20/20 vision.  Except when reading.  Actually reading small print.  Or anything, I guess I should say,  school papers, mothers day cards, notes from the kids, my phone, price tags, or most importantly books… I can read street signs from 2 blocks away, I can read the cards at the zoo, but I cannot read a book.  Not easily, and not with enjoyment, now that my arms are not nearly long enough to hold a book and read.imageGlasses are a silly thing to be vain about.

I did not realize how tired my eyes were, until we were playing a game with friends, the dining room is dim, and the game cards were small, my arm was not long enough.  She gave me her readers.  Those silly readers were great!  A few days later I was at Target, struggling to read the exp date on my coupons, I picked up a pair of readers, the 1.0 level and I could see the date.  I bought those readers.  imageI cannot walk around in them, I cannot drive, they make me very dizzy to do anything but read, but who needs to walk around while they are reading.  Unless of course you are SPEED READER from the GREAT SPACE COASTER.
I am not.
I have more than four pair, I just keep buying them from the Dollar Store, but as fast as I buy them I lose them…  I mostly wear them on top of my head, until they fall off, this is how I look almost every day, Wearing them on top of my head also works like a headband, keeping the fly away hair off my face.

image(Don’t judge the selfie, bathroom lighting is the best!)

The eyes don’t lie, but at least I can read now.
go hug your kids, they need your love!


A Book with A Slice of Pizza

As many of you know, O and I go out on Wednesday evenings.  We leave the little girls home with Keith, drop the boys off at youth group, and make our escape.  You ask why I don’t drop off O at youth, good question, just one you do not need an answer to.  So my girl and I go out.  I love the time with her, we are usually not rushed, we sit and visit or we sit in silence.  We eat a full meal, or we just have dessert.  We work on homework or we read.  We do it alone, but together, without anyone else.  Just the two of us, my girly and me.  I relish this quiet time, because I am well aware how very fast time races forward.

One Wednesday night she had work to do, I forgot my book, we stopped at Books-A-Million in the shopping plaza that had the pizza place we were wanted a slice or two of pizza but she had homework the girly had an English paper due at midnight, they send them online through some program, she did not have to go to school to turn in her paper at midnight, but because of the English paper we could not visit.  We went right to the clearance rack, I was having a hard time finding a book, part of my problem is the book cover, if it is terrible I just cannot bring myself to read it, and heaven forbid someone see me reading a book with a rotten cover.  What would they think of me?

O picked up a book because of the cover, but it was the title drew me in.  The Storied Life Of AJ Fickry by Gabrielle Zevin.  Really I will admit the character’s name is what drew me in A.J. Fickry, I loved his name and wondered about him almost instantly.  From the first page or maybe the second, but most certainly by the end of the first chapter I was drawn in I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  Who does what they did?  Who acts that way?  I was taken aback, offended, and sucked right into the story.  The book was fascinating, I love a book that makes me think about the characters when I am not reading the book.  The characters followed my thoughts long after I finished the book.  It is the story of a book store owner, a little girl, a cop led book club, and love never imagined.  I recommend it for your summer book list.  I promise you will love it as much as I did, if not I will let you pick the next book I read.

We enjoyed 2 slices of pizza and the senior APEnglish paper writing girly had a cannoli.  Outside of the book that I loved, making the evening great she learned her paper was no longer due at midnight but two days later.  There had been a date mixup, and her teacher decided to go with the later date for her students.

The problem with letting myself read on Wednesday nights during our time together, the fact that  there are 7 more days until I can read more.  I really force myself not to pick up my book during the week, there is always laundry to do, babies to play with and dishes to wash.  I try to keep the reading to Wednesday nights, when life slows down for just a little bit.

What about you, have you read any good books lately?
Go hug your kids, they need your love.

P.S.*** As there is a few bits of Adult Behavior I do NOT recommend this book for YA.***
Also, the little girl has some not realistic thoughts for a 2 or 3 or even 6 year old, that did kind of annoy me.